Still Want Low Cholesterol?

Still Want Low Cholesterol?

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When the Bulletproof Diet Isn’t Working

My story: Feeling bulletproof I started the Bulletproof Diet earlier this year, with great results. After three months, I’d lost twenty pounds, my lifelong problems with acne and bad skin cleared up, and my cognitive function improved. I would drive to work in the morning after bulletproof coffee feeling excited. At that time, I was […]

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Bulletproof Pumpkin Ice Cream

Bulletproof Pumpkin Ice Cream Who doesn’t like ice cream. Not liking it would be like hating bacon. It just doesn’t compute, right? Dave Asprey has an awesome recipe for his Get Some Bulletproof Ice Cream that is unbelievably delicious. My wife and I love the creaminess and texture of this frozen awesomeness. While the recipe […]

What Is The Bulletproof Diet? How Does It Work?

Dave Asprey recently gave a talk about the Bulletproof Diet. In this video, he teaches us how and why the diet works. Audience members ask questions throughout, so there’s lots of clarification. Even after listening to all the podcasts, and reading everything I could find on, I still found tons of great information here. […]

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10 Ways To Tell Someone Is On The Bulletproof Diet

A thin coating of MCT oil covers their entire kitchen There are more supplements than food in their pantry Their pockets are like Marry Poppins’ bag, filled with MCT, Xylitol, charcoal and chocolate When answering questions on the dangers of eating saturated fats, they byte into a stick of butter Instead of cooking on charcoal, […]

Bulletproof Phoenix Shopping Guide: Aug 1 - Aug 8

Bulletproof Phoenix Shopping Guide: Aug 1 – Aug 8

Sprouts: Aug 1 – 8 Lots of good stuff at Sprouts this week. Make sure to use this guide to see where it’s acceptable to not buy organic. Looks like seafood prices are going up. Still, wild-caught salmon and cod are reasonable. I noticed Sprout’s brand coconut milk. Couldn’t see the ingredients, so I can’t […]

Bulletproof Breakfast: Eggs With Cabbage

Bulletproof Breakfast: Eggs With Cabbage

The most common question I find on the Bulletproof podcast, forum and in talking to people is what can I eat? When Tammy and I started this diet, we had the same question. It seemed like eating bulletproof meant eating boring, tasteless food. While the diet is limiting in that it removes many harmful foods, […]

Bulletproof Recipe: Paleo Island Fish

Bulletproof Recipe: Paleo Island Fish

Short of deep frying cod in a flower-based breading, baking it in milk, onions and garlic is my favorite way of preparing fish. Neither of those methods are bulletproof. But, does that mean we can’t have delicious fish on the Bulletproof diet? Heck no! The trick is finding ways that will keep the fish moist […]

How Trying To Discredit The Bulletproof Diet Led Me To The Bulletproof Diet

When my husband first came home and told me he wanted to start this new way of eating that he had heard on a podcast, I thought to myself “is he crazy?” Then as he started explaining more about the diet, I really began to think he was crazy. It sounded similar to the Atkins […]